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Many of you know that for the past year I've had a very hard time getting my skin to a place where I could feel happy, healthy, and confident with makeup or without. It wasn't until my sister recommended the Unblemish Regimen from Rodan+Fields did my perception about skincare products completely change. I use to never leave the house without full coverage on my face. I was insecure and unhappy with my skin and actually felt and thought less of myself because of the position I was in. After one round of the Unblemish Regimen that all changed. My skin began to heal and brighten and so did my perception of myself. Today I have never been happier with my skin. Makeup is a thing of the past and so are my insecurities. I love my skin, I love my skincare routine, and I love the confident feeling of finally being able to enjoy the skin I’m in.



My Rodan+Fields Routine:

I use Unblemish every morning and night to keep away acne, even out my complexion, reduce redness, and heal acne scarring.

I only use the facewash in the morning and steps #2 +#3 +#4.

At night I use makeup remover wipes followed by steps #2 + #3. (No need for step #4 SPF before bed)

I 100% recommend buying the regimen as a whole. Think of the process like baking a cake. It's important to use the steps in the order provided for the best results. Always remember that change does not occur overnight, the best things in life always take time, surely the Unblemish regimen is one of them.


Other favorite Rodan+Fields Products.

Lash Boost: I use Lash Boost every night. It’s incredibly easy to apply, not even taking more than 5 seconds. I like to think of Lash Boost as a lip gloss for your lash line. It’s a light serum designed to grow, thicken, and darken both your lashes and brows.

Sunless Self Tanner: I use the foaming sunless self-tanner every other day! I’m a huge fan of the sunless self-tanner because I hate laying out in the sun! Plus the price is on point.


Current Deals: Lash Boost/Regimen Bundle Deal!

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Unblemsih + Lash Boost Bundle

Redefine + Lash Boost Bundle

Reverse Lightening + Lash Boost Bundle

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Message me directly if you have any questions and let's match you to your ideal Regimen!! Or follow this link to make a purchase today!!

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